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Farming Practices

Pastured Chickens

Our broiler chickens enjoy a fresh array of lush grasses and nutritious bugs every. single. day.

Pastured Pigs

Our pigs are in hog-heaven at our farm. Learn how they help us build soil and grow grass while doing what they love to do.

Pastured Turkeys

Turkeys are active grazers eating copious amounts of grass and bugs. Our turkeys are given plenty of room to run, hunt and be themselves.  

100% Grass Fed Lambs

Our sheep don’t eat grain. They eat fresh grasses from our lush pastures which is what they were created to eat. Learn more about how we are sequestering carbon and building soil with our growing sheep herd.  

Partner Farms

Building a resilient local food community

Find their products in our online farm store!

Pastured Eggs 

Learn about the farming practices of our friends at Mountain Run Permaculture. They grow the regions finest pastured eggs in their permaculture apple orchard.

100% Grass Fed Beef

Learn about our friends at Mountain Run Farm and their intensive rotationally grazed, mob stocked grass fed beef herd. Also learn how we are building communtiy together here in Sedalia, VA.

Local Veggies & Breads

Learn about our friends at Great Day Gardens and their intensive market garden. They focus on soil health and no-till production.